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Shortstop Questions

The Post Dispatch had a few shortstop tidbits about the team in the last 24 hours.

First, the Cardinals are not in on Ray’s shortstop Jason Bartlett. Mozeliak gives two reasons for passing: “One is, we’ve already made a trade for a player,” he began. “And Number 2 is, after we did the Berkman deal, (finances) are something we have to become aware of, too. We’re pretty comfortable now with what we’ve done in the middle infield.”

Secondly, the Cardinals are shopping Brendan Ryan – big surprise there. Ryan has been displaced by Ryan Theriot and is due a raise through arbitration. The team obviously wants to save some money, but they also want to get rid of a “problem.”

I think Ryan has issues with some teammates, as shown by Chris Carpenter yelling at him on the field last season. There were also some issues with hitting coach Mark McGwire.

I still don’t understand why Ryan is the one to be moved. He’s the best defensive shortstop in the game right now and he’s playing next to a butcher in the field (Schumaker). Neither can hit all that well, but Ryan saves more runs with the glove than he fails to score on offense; Skip does not.

Ryan also never really got out of Tony’s doghouse.

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